Romantic Date Ideas in Charlotte

Romantic Date Ideas in CharlotteBusy schedules pull couples apart so quickly you may feel like strangers to one another because of work commitments and other activities. Sometimes, to reignite that romantic fire, you need to specifically make plans to go on a date and spend quality time together. It doesn't have to involve going someplace fancy or expensive, just a destination that's memorable where the two of you can share some time together to talk and laugh and be free of the everyday distractions that always seem to get in your way. Here are some excellent ideas for your romantic date in Charlotte that will no doubt rekindle that spark between the two of you.

Afro-American Cultural Center
The Afro-American Cultural Center in Charlotte is a great place to walk along together and take in some truly unique art and various types of exhibits. The center is an innovative epicenter that celebrates the triumphant spirit of the African American experience. One of the many dramatic exhibits tells the story of the role of African-Americans during the Revolutionary War through various artifacts and displays. The Spirit of Our Ancestors exhibit connects various aspects of life during that period in history to the plight of this minority group. You and your date will not only enjoy the historic and artistic presentations, but it will give the two of you plenty to talk about as you walk through this highly impressive venue.

Address: 551 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202 - MAP
Phone: (704) 547-3700

Wing Haven Garden and Bird Sanctuary
You and your loved one have seen little of each other lately, and even less of the outside world! So make a romantic date to spend some quality time together while enjoying the natural surroundings of the Wing Haven Garden and Bird Sanctuary. The gardens are lush and inviting, and walking along the trails or finding a spot on one of the benches will allow both of you to unwind as you breathe in the fresh air and take in the beauty of the scenery. Your commune with nature continues when you enter the bird sanctuary that houses several different types of fine feathered friends. Watch with your date, as the birds fly from one point to another, creating the perfect afternoon of relaxation, nature and even a dash of romance.

Address: 248 Ridgewood Ave, Charlotte, NC 28209 - MAP
Phone: (704) 331-0664

Charles T. Myers Golf Course
Hit the links together on a romantic date at the Charles T. Myers Golf Course and get ready for a swingin' adventure the two of you will never forget. The course is one of the area's most popular, and the fact that many players are always on the course translates into a challenge for the grounds-keeping staff. Yet, despite the high traffic, the fairways and greens are kept in top shape to ensure your game is the best it can be. Also, the course is moderately challenging, so it doesn't really matter how well you play. What really matters is that you've both decided to putt around for fun and, more importantly, are doing it together.

Address: 7817 Harrisburg Road, Charlotte, NC 28215 - MAP
Phone: (704) 536-1692

Bonterra Restaurant and Wine Room
Instead of just grabbing takeout for dinner and sitting on the sofa in front of the television, why not do something truly special for dinner tonight? The perfect destination for a highly memorable experience is the Bonterra Restaurant and Wine Room. This is no ordinary eatery, as the menu features such delectable items as barbecued duck spring rolls and lobster tail, as well as crème brulee and souffle to end your meal on a sweet note. Select the perfect bottle from the Wine Room and you've created a romantic dining experience that the two of you will never forget.

Address: 1829 Cleveland Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203 - MAP
Phone: (704) 333-9463

Modern Salon and Spa
Stress seems to be inescapable these days, and if tension from work and other commitments have both of you on edge, then it's time for a couple's massage treatment at Modern Salon and Spa. The professionals there will ensure that you are completely relaxed as they melt the strain from your muscles. There are various types of treatments available, and one of the friendly staffers will help select the best treatment for you and your honey as you forget about everything but each other on this highly relaxing, romantic date.

Address: 6822 C Phillips Place Court, Charlotte, NC 29210 - MAP
Phone: (704) 339-0909