Arts, Music & Entertainment in Charlotte

Arts, Music & Entertainment in CharlotteCharlotte's arts, music and entertainment scene offers so many chances to experience everything from a great live band to a regal ballet performance to some of the world's most astounding art pieces. And it doesn't really matter if you prefer one or the other. With the truly vital artists and open-mindedness that make up the scene in this charming southern city, the singers and the songs, the music and the dancers, and the painters and the portraits all intertwine to make a truly unique artistic fabric that is unlike anything you'll find anywhere else.

The Belk Theatre
The Belk Theater is the busiest venue located within the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, as the Belk welcomes various types of artists and entertainment from all over the world to its stage. Their appearances put smiles on the faces of the numerous audience members who have come to expect the best from the Belk. The Charlotte Repertory Theatre and the North Carolina Dance Theatre occupy a space on the performance schedule every year. Other groups that also take the stage here include the Carolina Voices and various productions from the Carolinas Concert Association, all of which perform under the theater's wondrous 2,400 lights that are custom built right into its ceiling.

Address: 130 North Tyron Street, Charlotte, NC 28202 - MAP
Phone: (704) 372-1000

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
Broadway isn't that far away when you take your seat at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. The venue is home to various productions of popular Broadway shows that not only thrill audiences, they bring some of the world's most talented performers to Charlotte who no doubt entertain and inspire audiences of all ages. Opened in 1992, the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center has consistently taken pride in presenting some of the best stage productions, live music performances, and entertainment in the country, and that tradition continues today. So make sure you check their website regularly and get your tickets early for the next big show.

Address: 130 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28202 - MAP
Phone: (704) 372-1000

Comedy Zone
Need a good laugh but don't want to sit through anything offensive that might make you uncomfortable? Then you need to experience the fun and entertainment of the Family Friendly Improv Comedy Shows at Comedy Zone. The Charlotte Comedy Theater has been consistently making audiences laugh with some good clean fun for over ten years and they show no signs of stopping. Their quick wit, expert timing and truly hilarious antics are a real treat. In a world where anyone can be tasteless and have it be misinterpreted as comedy, it's nice to know that there's a troupe like the Family Friendly Improv Comedy Show that rises to the challenge of being respectful of its audience and still funny at the same time.

Address: 900 North Carolina Music Factory Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28206 - MAP
Phone: (803) 792-1608

The Neighborhood Theatre
The Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte's art district offers an always-impressive schedule of events that will appeal to fans of every kind of performance. From alternative rock shows to acoustic coffee-house type acts to fashion shows, local audiences know that if it's something edgy and theatrical, it can be found on the Neighborhood Theatre's well-worn stage. The venue's entertainment schedule is quite busy, so check their website regularly for updates and the latest ticket information.

Address: 511 East 36th Street, Charlotte, NC 28205 - MAP
Phone: (704) 942-7997

North Davidson Street Art District
You love art but just don't love having to go looking for it. Well, thankfully, your artistic endeavors can be satisfied in the North Davidson Street Art District. This revitalized area of Charlotte has quickly made a fine reputation for itself as the center of the art scene thanks to its unique galleries, performance venues, coffee shops and restaurants. NoDa, as it is referred to by the locals, is where you will find various forms of artwork. Everything from sculpture to textiles to paintings are all on display and often for sale. The district also features the highly popular gallery crawls every first and third Friday of each month.

Address: N Davidson at 36th Street, Charlotte, NC - MAP
Phone: (704) 336-2244

The McColl Center for Visual Art
The McColl Center for Visual Art invites you to come in and actually interact with the artists as they create. Far from a stuffy atmosphere, the McColl Center makes an effort to be both educational and accessible. There staff and artists make it a point to always be aware of various community issues and needs, both in their individual work and the mission of the venue itself. Art lovers are invited to walk around and visit the artists-in-residence as they work on their latest creations.

Address: 721 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202 - MAP
Phone: (704) 332-5535